We started this unique, personalized backup service because we know that your Business’s life is stored on your Network. Life is unpredictable. It’s only a matter of time until the unthinkable will happen.  We have seen other companies backup solutions, in fact we started because others build their solutions on pins and needles.  At COLOBACKUP we use the 3XReplica Approach to our advanced client to ensure your data is protected.  At COLOBACKUP, we provide you a proactive approach to safeguarding your digital life. But you must ask yourself these questions:
  • What would happen if you lost your vital Data?
  • How can you insure that you will never lose another vital record again?
  • Are you at least 50 Miles away from your data center?
  • How will you cope when your hard drive fails?
  • Is the piece of mind that your digital life is backed up securely to the cloud worth it?
  • What about your email? Can you go on with life without it?
  • Are your family pictures, financials, and other critical files needed?
  • Can you easily replace all your Data, music, movies, and videos that you have compiled over the years?
  • What will you do if there is a fire, flood,or a natural disaster and your data is destroyed?


Why use Online Backup?

Backup is a must, obviously. The question is: what are the advantages? As part of the growing computer industry sector, data stores are critical parts of the Information Economy, and as such companies are coming to rely more on applications to help drive their business. Our software supports every platform in the market to help supply this demand, from live incremental compatibility with SQL, to Enterprise Linux Boxes and Windows Servers, our Java-powered solution will scale in all business environments.

All of your data is important, whether it’s contact information, business documents, financial contracts, customer databases, or archival photographs and videos, corporations and individuals demand quality assurance from their disaster recovery programs in case of negative externalities, litigations, accidents, and other such unfortunate events.

What control do I have over my backups?

You have all the control. Every customer account is protected with the highest-grade encryption, meaning several layers of operational and technical security are taken to ensure absolute data integrity. All systems are under 24/7/365 surveillance and monitoring, secured from natural disasters, and are subject to 3rd party audits.